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Luther: Reformer Or Perverter?


Joint Declaration on Justification, or Smoking a Joint of Modernism-ification?


Gentle Jesus! I'm such a dork! I should have thought of this before... Thank you Pro Christianis for having come up with this great image!


How Not To Conduct A Gregorian Chant Choir


Little tidbits:
- Replaced "daily" by "supersubstantial" in the Our Father [Mt 6:11, Lc 11:3] (the original Greek uses that unique work, many Fathers of the Church understood it thus, and as Mr. Warren Murray says, all the petitions are spiritual if we translate it thus).
- Following an excellent suggestion from a good buddy, added a back side to the little blue insert in the Love Tube.
- Changed title from "Hasta La Vista, Franky!" to "Hasta La Vista, Jorge!" (more consistent with myself).

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